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Customize the Your Vehicle with Powder Coating

Looking for the best powder coating Pasadena installer? Leave it to your experts at 3-G Lux Auto Spa. Powder coating is a type of coating that is applied as a free-flowing dry powder with a small electrostatic charge that holds the powder to the metal. The material is then cured under heat. This process adds a durable second “skin” to the select areas where the coating is applied. This is the best way to color match your wheels or brake calipers to your vehicle. If you recently purchased a new car that has silver or chrome wheels, but you’d prefer matte or gloss black wheels, then adding our powder coating Pasadena package is an excellent option for you! In addition to powder coating wheels, we can also coat brake calipers and any other metal parts in many different colors, giving you the most durable paint coating that also looks amazing. Come see our experts at 3-G Lux and add powder coating to your vehicle today! Request a free quote here

Wheel Caliper Painting 

There’s nothing worse than having the car of your dreams with a rusty looking set of brake calipers. This could ruin the image of your vehicle. At 3-G Lux Auto Spa, we want to ensure that you love the way your vehicle looks. That’s why we offer wheel caliper painting. Aside from powder coating, wheel caliper painting is a more affordable option to get the desired color of your wheel calipers. Our team ensures quality in all of our work. We want you to love the way your vehicle looks. Come see our team and let us take care of you. Request a free quote here. 

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