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Restore Your Vehicle’s Damage 

Has your beloved car been hit in a parking lot or sideswiped on the highway? Don’t worry, 3-G Lux offers Paintless Dent Removal Pasadena packages that will restore your vehicle back to its original condition. If you have any dents or dings on your car from other people’s doors hitting you, damage from hail or more, our experts can manipulate the metal behind the dent to make the dent unnoticeable. This could save you thousands if you were considering replacing your bumper or door to fix the dent. Repainting can your vehicle’s damaged areas can decrease the value of your car. Our paintless dent removal Pasadena package is the best option to restore your car back to its original condition. Our team will work with you to evaluate the situation and figure out the best solution to remove your dents at a great value. Come see us today for a free quote.

Wheel Repair

Are your wheels damaged and diminishing the look of your entire vehicle? Let our experts at 3-G Lux Auto Spa restore your wheels. We can remove the damage, clean, paint and recoat your wheels to perfection. With the crazy roads in Los Angeles and Pasadena county, your wheels are in constant contact with the hazardous materials on the road. Let our team at 3-G Lux Auto Spa bring your wheels back to life. Call for a free quote.

paintless dent removal pasadena
paintless dent removal pasadena
paintless dent removal

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