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Paint Correction Pasadena

When it comes to the best paint correction Pasadena has to offer, 3-G Lux Auto Spa is your answer. We are paint correction specialists and want to leave your vehicle looking like it just got a brand new paint job. This package includes our De-Lux wash with 100% exterior hand wash, tire shine and rims cleaned. Once we thoroughly clean your vehicle’s exterior, we begin the clay bar treatment to remove any remaining contaminants from your vehicle’s paint before we start polishing. We offer four different levels of paint correction depending on the damage to your vehicle’s paint. Stage one is for light scratching, stage two is for mild scratches, stage three is for heavy scratching and stage four is for extreme scratching and paint damage. Our expert technicians access the damage to your vehicle’s paint and recommend which level of paint correction is right for you.

Paint correction helps remove swirls, water penetration, tree sap penetration, insect acid and more. Our expert staff buffs out the damage to your vehicle’s paint to get your vehicle looking its best. After receiving our paint correction package, we highly recommend adding Ceramic Pro or Clear Bra to your vehicle’s paint to keep it protected from any further damage. Let our team get your paint shining to perfection!

paint correction pasadena

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