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Car Detailing Pasadena

If you’ve been searching for the best car detailing Pasadena has to offer, look no further then the experts at 3-G Lux Auto Spa. We take detailing very seriously and take great pride in providing every customer with exemplary service. If you love your vehicle and want to preserve its value, then let our expert technicians give you the best car detailing Pasadena offers. We give every vehicle an auto spa treatment and make sure to clean every inch of your vehicle so you’ll drive away feeling like you just drove your car off the lot.

At 3-G Lux Auto Spa, we care about quality over quantity and we spend the time it takes necessary to get your vehicle shining bright to perfection. Our passion for detailing stems from our desire to make every vehicle look its absolute best. We never rush our detail packages to ensure your vehicle gets the best car detailing Pasadena has to offer. Our shop takes great pride in our services and that’s why we use the highest quality products available on the market. We offer a variety of detail packages and have something for everyone. Detailing your vehicle regularly helps it maintain its value and keeps it in pristine condition. Below you can find more information on our detail packages.

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De-Lux Wash

The De-Lux wash is a our premium hand wash that includes a rim cleaning,  degreasing of the wheels, removal of all brake dust, and cleaning of the tires and under the fenders. It includes a full interior wipe down, cleaning of the vents, AC and a thorough vacuum with a compressed air vacuum as well. Then we’ll do a full window cleaning inside and out and spray wax to protect and shield the paint for a few weeks. Finally we include a black trim restore if your vehicle has any black trim. We’re the only hand wash location in Eagle Rock and stand by our services. Your search for the best Pasadena car wash available ends here.

HydroSilex Coating

Our HydroSilex coating package refreshes your vehicle’s look while adding paint protection. This package includes a thorough hand wash, rim cleaning, tire cleaning, tire shine and black trim restore. Next our expert technicians do a full interior cleaning and vacuum to get your vehicle looking sharp. Once your vehicle is spotless, we add the HydroSilex coating. This coating is a great introduction to ceramic coating without breaking the bank. It gives your vehicle’s paint long-lasting protection and a transparent top layer that protects your paint from oxidation, water spotting, tree sap, bug residue and harsh chemicals that can damage your paint. The protection lasts between four to six months. 

Clay Bar and Hydrosilex

The Clay Bar and Hydrosilex package is perfect for those looking for a deep cleaning and correction of your vehicle’s paint. This package includes a 100% exterior hand wash, rim cleaning, tire cleaning, tire shine and black trim restore. Next we do a thorough interior wipe down and clean the windows inside out. Once we have your vehicle looking fresh, we begin the clay bar portion to remove any leftover contaminants and oxidation from your paint’s surface. This process exfoliates your vehicle, clearing off those difficult to remove contaminants while reviving your vehicle’s paint and providing a slick finish. Once the clay bar method is performed, our technicians apply the HydroSilex coating.

Interior Mini-Detail

The mini detail is an interior only detail package which includes a high-pressure air evacuation of all nooks and crannies, complete vacuuming service, steam cleaning of all the surfaces inside the car. We use a hot extractor shampoo machine to get those tough to remove stains out. We also shampoo and wash the floor mats, the carpet, the headliner, the dashboard, the steering wheel, the center console, the door panels as well as the trunk. This package removes any heavy staining or heavy smells in your vehicle. After the cleaning is complete, all hard surfaces receive a professional sealant and UV protectant. We complete the interior detail with a full glass cleaning inside and out.

Paint Correction

Our paint correction package includes our De-Lux wash with 100% exterior hand wash, tire shine and the rims cleaned. Once we thoroughly clean your vehicle’s exterior, we begin the clay bar treatment to remove any remaining contaminants from your vehicle’s paint. We offer four different levels of paint correction depending on the damage to your vehicle’s paint. Stage one is for light scratching, stage two is for mild scratches, stage three is for heavy scratching and stage four is for extreme scratching and paint damage. Our expert technicians access the damage to your vehicle’s paint and recommend which level of paint correction is right for you.

car detailing pasadena
car detailing pasadena
car detailing pasadena
car detailing pasadena



Ceramic Pro Gold Package includes a lifetime warranty.


Ceramic Pro Silver Package includes a 5 year warranty.


Ceramic Pro Bronze Package includes a two year warranty.


Ceramic Pro Sport Package includes a six-month warranty.


Ceramic Pro Wheel & Caliper Package protects your wheels & reduces maintenance.


Ceramic Pro Interior Package protects your interior and maintains value for your vehicle.

3-G Lux Auto Spa
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